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Netflix ‘Missing’ (2023) Ending, Explained

Missing,” an award-winning Netflix movie starring Storm Reid, delves into true crime investigations as she portrays a character whose mother mysteriously disappears. The film revolves around her character’s use of her sleuthing expertise to uncover the truth. As the plot develops, social media becomes an intriguing tool that brings her dangerously close to uncovering shocking truths which will surprise viewers.

“Missing” is a captivating sequel to John Cho’s 2018 movie, “Searching,” offering an alternate plot where the roles are reversed. While not based on a true story, “Missing” presents an engaging narrative filled with intense and suspenseful moments, providing an unforgettable viewing experience.

Netflix 'Missing Synopsis

What is “Missing” About?

While in Colombia with Kevin (Ken Leung), June (portrayed by Storm Reid) faces an emotionally distressing situation when her mother, Grace Allen (played by Nia Long), mysteriously goes missing. Using her internet proficiency, June quickly turns to online platforms to search for information regarding her mother. Unfortunately, news of Grace Allen’s abduction spreads rapidly through various online channels, including TikTok, where true crime enthusiasts gather.

As June becomes aware of the growing online interest in her mother’s case, she realizes she must take matters into her own hands. Startling revelations upend everything June believed about her mother and family. June’s search for her missing mother leads her on an unexpected journey, forcing her to confront unexpected truths.

June’s use of her digital expertise and the emergence of online communities dedicated to unravelling this mysterious event make for a riveting and thought-provoking story of personal discovery and resilience.

 “Missing” Ending Explained

In reality, Grace and June never travelled to Colombia as planned. Instead, June’s biological father, James (Tim Griffin), conspired with Grace during their time together in prison to orchestrate an elaborate hoax. James posed as their driver and abducted Grace instead of taking her to the airport.

After James’ arrest for violent acts and drug possession, Grace moved with him and June to Los Angeles, adopting new last names to ensure anonymity. James had been searching for June since then, while June believed he had passed away while growing up, unaware that her mother had been protecting her.

Netflix 'Missing' Ending

June’s boyfriend, Kevin, plans to deceive her by hiring an actress to pose as Grace in holiday photos taken during their trip. The intention was to make June believe that Grace was still with them. However, an error-filled live photo sent by Kevin reveals the truth to June. She discovers that the woman in the images is not her real mother. This revelation makes June realize that this crime took place much closer to home than she initially believed. She also discovers surveillance footage showing Grace held captive near their former residence.

As June approaches uncovering James’ involvement, he kidnaps her and takes her to where Grace is being held captive. With the help of Siri, June and Grace manage to escape James’ clutches and make their escape together.

Throughout the film, subtle clues suggest that James is involved in Grace’s abduction. While tapping into society’s morbid fascination with real crimes, the movie also highlights the tragic narrative of abusive pasts reigniting within families, emphasizing the gravity of such situations.

Does June's Father James Die

Does June’s Father James Die?

June’s relentless investigation reveals an unexpected truth: her mother never actually travelled to Colombia. Furthermore, it becomes evident that Kevin, June’s boyfriend, orchestrated an elaborate deception by hiring someone to impersonate her mother and create the illusion of a vacation. James, who is also June’s biological father, was behind this plan.

June had been led to believe that her father, James, had died of cancer. However, the truth was far different. James’ drug addiction and violent nature immediately threatened Grace’s safety. Therefore, Grace decided to leave James and seek refuge with June until it was safe. They have been living this way ever since.

During his time in prison, James used Kevin to deceive him into pretending to be Grace’s boyfriend, gathering information about her whereabouts, and eventually kidnapping her. He turned their former house into a prison where June’s mother was held, hostage.

June is overjoyed when she finally reunites with her mother, but her happiness quickly turns to despair when James shoots Grace. Overwhelmed with grief and instinct-driven, June defends herself by fatally stabbing James. In an act of courage, she contacts the authorities seeking assistance and justice for what has transpired.

June’s triumphant journey showcases her courage and strength as she confronts the painful truth about her father’s past. Additionally, this story is a stark reminder of the profound negative effects of domestic violence and addiction on individuals and families, emphasizing the need for support and intervention in such circumstances.

Does June's Mother Grace Die

Does June’s Mother Grace Die?

Grace miraculously survives James’ gunshot to her stomach in “Missing,” shocking everyone involved. The film shows their life months later after the tragic events: June has moved away to pursue studies at university, and both she and her mother appear to be doing well. Their story is also featured on the real crime show “Unfiction” as part of an episode, highlighting its impact and significance.

Missing” will captivate audiences from its opening scene until its epic climax. With a rollercoaster of emotions and an intense narrative, it offers an exhilarating cinematic experience. June and Grace are powerful examples of human resilience in the face of adversity, finding comfort even under difficult conditions.

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