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FUBAR Ending, Explained: Do Barry and Tina Get together?


FUBAR Ending Explained – FUBAR,” an action comedy created by Nick Santora and available on Netflix, tells the tale of a dysfunctional family struggling to come together and overcome their differences. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Monica Barbaro, Gabriel Luna, and Milan Carter, the story revolves around Luke Brunner, a CIA agent, who discovers that his daughter, Emma, has been working undercover for them without his knowledge.

After this surprising revelation, the CIA assigns Luke and Emma on a mission to stop Boro Polonia, an international ammunition supplier. The success of their mission depends on their ability to work together effectively despite the strain in their relationship. To understand how Luke and Emma navigate this journey filled with humorous twists and unexpected turns, one may explore FUBAR’s detailed plot summary.

FUBAR Plot Summary
Fubar. (L to R) Monica Barbaro as Emma Brunner, Jay Baruchel as Carter Perlmutter, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Luke Brunner in episode 101 of Fubar. Cr. Amanda Matlovich/Netflix © 2023

FUBAR Plot Summary: What Is The Show About?

Luke, tired of his life as a CIA operative, wishes to reconcile with Tally in civilian life. Director Dot intervenes and assigns him a mission in Guyana to retrieve an agent. Luke assumes his old identity of Finn Hoss and infiltrates the Boro Polonia crime family, where he discovers that the undercover agent is his daughter, Emma. This revelation creates animosity between Luke and Emma, causing them to argue frequently and grow apart. Eventually, they manage to escape Guyana, but Boro loses his suitcase bomb and realizes that Finn Hoss and Daniella DeRosa have betrayed him.

At CIA headquarters, Emma and Luke are assigned a mission to stop Boro from auctioning off his suitcase bomb. Alongside their team members, including Luke’s friend Barry, Aldon Roo, and NSA analyst Tina, they must apprehend Boro before he creates another bomb. They also undergo joint therapy sessions with Dr. Pfeiffer, a psychologist.

After several successful and unsuccessful operations in Kazakhstan, Moldova, and Greece, Luke’s squad finally captures Boro. However, their plan to gain information about his associates backfires, and Boro escapes with the nuclear arsenal. Meanwhile, Tina and Barry uncover Boro’s location in Sardovia, but their inside contact betrays them. Despite the challenges, they reach Boro’s bunker, and Aldon stays behind to support Luke and Emma while attempting to take down Boro independently.

Before their final mission, Luke tries to convince his superior not to kill Boro due to their connection. Emma holds contempt for Boro and eagerly awaits his demise. During an argument between Luke and Cain, an explosion occurs in the bunker, trapping Emma and Boro in separate rooms. Luke refuses to evacuate without Emma, and they eventually team up to find an exit. Luke helps Emma escape but abandons Boro, fearing his vindictive nature. Boro remains trapped as the bunker is destroyed.

The CIA assumes that Boro perished, but months later, Boro’s men attack Tally and Donnie’s wedding chapel. Emma and Luke manage to overcome them, but Boro holds Tally at gunpoint before disappearing again. Tally uses Luke’s medal to fatally wound Boro, leading to his ultimate demise.

Does Tally End up with Donnie

What Are Barry and Tina Up To?

Tina, who moved from the NSA to the CIA for temporary assistance with the Boro case, becomes drawn to Barry. They share similarities and embrace their inner dorkiness. As they spend more time together, their connection deepens, and they develop feelings for each other. Barry seeks advice from his friends before pursuing a relationship with Tina, as they share nerdy interests. Barry helps Tina navigate her commitment to the CIA when she receives a call from the National Security Agency (NSA), convincing her to stay. At the conclusion of FUBAR, their relationship grows stronger.

What Happened to Emma?

Throughout FUBAR, Emma faces emotional challenges and strains her relationship with Carter. While she loves Carter, she feels drawn towards Aldon, who captures her attention with his kindness and genuine interest. Emma kisses Aldon in front of Luke, leading to Carter finding out. Emma tries to control her feelings for Aldon and reconcile with Carter, but he decides against it. Despite giving Aldon another chance, he remains firm against a relationship. By the end of Episode 8, both Emma and Carter find themselves single again, leaving Emma’s future relationship status open-ended.

What Are Barry and Tina Up To

Does Tally End up with Donnie?

Tally filed for divorce from Luke 15 years ago due to their separation and his long hours at work. Luke realizes his mistakes and attempts to reconcile with Tally, who has moved on and is dating Donnie. Luke revives Tally’s interest, and they engage in a sexual relationship, but Luke’s hypocrisy harms their revived romance. Tally proposes to Donnie while under the influence of alcohol, and they proceed with the wedding ceremony. However, Boro’s unexpected arrival interrupts the ceremony. In Episode 18, Luke discloses his true profession to Tally, but chaos ensues. After Boro’s demise, Luke, Tally, Donnie, and Carter escape in a van to evade their adversaries’ pursuit.

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