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What Happens to the Dog in ‘Tina and Tina’ (2023)?

Does the Dog Die in 'Tin & Tina' (2023) Movie

Rubin Stein’s film, “Tin & Tina,” depicts two extraordinary orphan twins who firmly believe in miracles and supernatural abilities. This psychological thriller, intertwined with horror elements, can only be described as astonishing. Although not intentionally aimed, the film revitalizes a genre that has become overly familiar, injecting it with astounding wonders in each meticulously composed scene and breathing new life into it.

Tin & Tina” is an exceptional embodiment of mysterious fear, captivating viewers with an unwavering grip as an unsettling atmosphere permeates the screen, sending chills down their spines. For those wondering about the fate of the family dog in “Tin & Tina,” let me provide the information: yes, it did meet its demise.

What Happens to the Dog in 'Tina and Tina'

Does the Dog Die in ‘Tin & Tina’ (2023) Movie?

Jaime Lorente from “Money Heist” stars as Lola, who marries Milena Smit from “The Girl in the Mirror.” Lola tragically miscarries the twins they were expecting on their wedding day, leaving her deeply depressed. The additional blow of being unable to conceive again takes a toll on Lola, visibly impacting her physical appearance over time. Months later, Lola still grapples with grief, undergoing drastic physical transformations, which becomes an entirely new narrative thread in the film.

Lola lives alone at home while Adolfo works, with only Kuki for company. As the film progresses, it becomes evident that Lola heavily relies on Kuki for emotional support, and their moments together showcase their special bond. However, Kuki’s initially friendly demeanour gives way to incessant barking, which turns off Lola and prompts Tin and Tina to distance themselves from him. Adolfo, affected by Kuki’s unfriendly behaviour towards them, is also reluctant to see his adopted children again.

Tin and Tina were previously raised in an extremely religious household due to their orphaned status, creating challenges for Lola and Adolfo’s relationship. One day, Tin and Tina engage in a religious-based game that takes a dangerous turn when they playfully place a plastic bag over Lola’s head, nearly suffocating her. Although they apologize afterwards in the presence of Kuki, the incident triggers a conversation where Kuki barks at them and bites Lola before fleeing, an interaction they interpret as hostility. In response, they perform what is known as a “spirit washing” ritual on Kuki, bringing them all together in an ancestral ceremony.

Believing that Kuki harbours a demonic presence, Tin and Tina attempt to free him from this perceived burden. Unfortunately, they resort to brutal and gruesome slaughter in their misguided attempt to “save his soul.” As Kuki undergoes anaesthesia for surgical repairs, instead of saving him, his death becomes tragically apparent, marking one of the most alarming acts committed by Tin and Tina throughout the film.

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