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Are Pickle Wheat and Chase Landry From Swamp People Still Together?

Are Pickle Wheat and Chase Landry Still Together? – Swamp People” is a reality TV series on History Channel that follows the lives of several Cajun alligator hunters and their families in Louisiana’s Atchafalaya River Basin swamp. The show provides viewers with an inside look into their unique lifestyle, traditions, and challenges as these Cajun alligator hunters navigate life’s ups and downs together.

Each episode follows the daily activities of these hunters as they venture into the swamps to capture alligators during a brief hunting season. The show showcases various hunting techniques and methods, such as using lines, hooks, and bait.

In addition to hunting, the show also delves into the personal lives of hunters and their families. It demonstrates how they manage their business with family obligations while upholding Cajun traditions and culture.

Chase Landry is an expert alligator hunter from Cajun heritage who first appeared on the show during season two and quickly earned himself a place of honour among viewers. Pickle Wheat, another experienced alligator hunter, also appears and often works alongside Chase to capture large animals.

They were a dynamic duo, sharing a mutual passion for wildlife and thrilling adventures that captivated their audience. So their fans want to know more about them. If you are also one of them and want to know about their current relationship, then we have complete details about it.

who are Chase and Pickle’s Swamp People

Who are Chase Landry and Pickle Wheat?

Chase Landry is the son of Troy Landry, an alligator hunter featured on the show. Chase grew up in the Atchafalaya River Basin swamp and had been hunting alligators since childhood. He’s known for his quick thinking and fearlessness when it comes to catching them, often putting himself in dangerous situations to get the job done. Additionally, Chase is an expert mechanic responsible for maintaining boats and equipment used during alligator hunting trips.

Pickle Wheat has been a close friend of the Landry family for over a decade and enjoys hunting alligators with them. His laid-back attitude and humorous demeanor have earned him fans on the show. Pickle is also an experienced alligator hunter and often collaborates with Chase when it comes to capturing these reptiles. When not out hunting alligators, Pickle also enjoys fishing in his free time.

Chase and Pickle have become beloved characters on ‘Swamp People‘ due to their distinct personalities and expertise in alligator hunting. Both are proud of their Cajun heritage, often speaking Cajun French during scenes. Fans appreciate their sense of humor, skill level, and camaraderie which has contributed greatly to the show’s success.

are Chase and Pickle together

Are Chase and Pickle Still Together?

Rumors swirled that Chase and Pickle were an item after Pickle shared several photos of the two on social media. On October 25, 2020, Pickle’s Facebook status confirmed these rumors with “In a relationship with Chase Landry.” However, the nature of their relationship is no longer known, as the couple has since broken up.

Reports indicate Chase was previously married to Chelsea Kinsey, though the details of their union remain private. After some time had passed, however, they separated but continued co-parenting their daughter Riley Blake who was born in March 2017. Troy Landry, Chase’s father, shared a photo of Chase and Riley but did not identify Chelsea.

Although Pickle and Chase have parted ways, they still work on ‘Swamp People’ and entertain millions of viewers. Despite the breakup, Pickle remains friends with Troy, with whom she still has an excellent partnership when hunting. Meanwhile, Pickle Wheat has moved on with her life, currently in a relationship with Joshua Kippes, an Emergency Medical Technician, as evidenced by a photo posted by Pickle on January 3, 2023. Chase has kept a low profile and lacks an online presence; thus, there are no updates regarding his love life. 

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