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ID’s Homicide Hunter 6×05 “Lt. Joe Kenda” – Van Lee Terry Murder


Van Lee Terry Murder – Investigation Discovery’s Homicide Hunter is a true-crime TV series that follows retired detective Lieutenant Joe Kenda as he recounts his experiences solving homicide cases in Colorado Springs. The show includes reenactments of crimes and Kenda’s narration, providing insights into both the investigation process and Kenda’s personal life.

Homicide Hunter Season 6 Episode 5, “Lt. Joe Kenda: We Kill the Ones We Love,” is a TV show that tells the tale of Van Lee Terry’s brutal murder in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in January 1994. With help from traditional police methods and an informant, police were able to apprehend those responsible through traditional and unconventional methods. If you want to read more about Van Lee Terry’s murder, then we have full information.

Who was Van Lee Terry and How Did He Pass Away?

Van Lee Terry was a resident of Colorado Springs who moved with his family in 1993 to provide better care for his newborn child. On January 8, 1994, an unknown individual shot Van in the chest and sent him racing to Memorial Hospital’s emergency room in a white car. Medical personnel found that Van had lost much blood, and his injury proved fatal; Earl Pickett, who was also with him, had also suffered a grazing gunshot wound to the back. Despite receiving urgent care at the hospital, Van passed away within hours of arriving.

Who Killed Van Lee Terry
Robert Ziegler

Who Killed Van Lee Terry and What was the Reason Behind?

On January 14, 1994, Van Lee Terry was shot and killed outside Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs, with Earl Pickett accompanying him. They suffered grazing gunshot wounds to their backs. When police found their car parked outside an ambulance bay, there was blood inside and on the street; Van had been in the rear-right passenger seat while Earl was in the front passenger seat. There were two gunshot holes near where Van was sitting near his rear passenger door; further investigation revealed a .380-caliber weapon had been hidden under it, but no evidence that it had been fired.

Earl told police he and Van planned to see a movie with Jan, Earl’s girlfriend. Unfortunately, they missed the show and were listening to music in their car when shots were fired from a dark car with tinted windows, striking both Earl and Van. Earl admitted that the weapon found by police belonged to him and got into an argument with a black male with braids who said something offensive about Jan; as such, he pulled out his empty gun and chased him and his friends away.

Mike Edmonds, a burglar, was arrested by the Colorado Springs Police Department’s robbery unit after agreeing to provide names of perpetrators involved in a shootout for a lighter sentence. Mike stated that 19-year-old Matthew Gorman and 20-year-old Ronnie E. Wilcox were involved in the shootout, while Robert Ziegler (23 at that time) was the shooter.

Where Is Robert Ziegler Today?

Robert Ziegler was arrested after police identified him as a habitual offender with over 30 charges to his name and were out on parole at the time of the murder. Robert had started the fight with Earl after he had threatened him with a gun; Robert became furious and sought revenge. While Matthew, Ronnie and Sue Kline searched for Earl’s car, Robert fired several shots into it, causing fatal injuries to Van Lee Terry and wounding Earl Pickett.

Robert Ziegler pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and received a 76-year prison sentence. The other three were found guilty of accessory to murder and received varying sentences: Ronnie was given 10 years, Matthew 14 years, and Sue 9 years. 

Currently, Robert Ziegler is serving his sentence at Sterling Correctional Facility.

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