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Venus Stewart Murder Case in NBC’s ‘Dateline,’ “Finding Venus”


Venus Stewart Murder – Welcome to an emotional exploration of the Venus Stewart murder case, where justice unfolded like an action film. In this article, we’ll delve into her tragic tale and investigate and trial of Doug Stewart (a primary suspect). Additionally, we will answer the burning question: what ultimately became of Doug Stewart after being charged with such horrific acts?

Finding Venus,” from NBC’s Dateline series, offers those looking for an in-depth account of this disturbing crime an unforgettable journey. This episode revisits the Venus Stewart case in depth while providing answers and closure for those seeking answers.

Venus Stewart Murder Case Details

Venus Stewart Murder Case Details

Venus Stewart’s tragic story began in April 2010 when, at 32, she mysteriously vanished from her parents’ residence in Colon Township, Michigan. This event left Therese and Larry McComb feeling sorrow over their daughter’s sudden departure; Venus had returned with her two young daughters after fleeing an abusive marriage with Doug Stewart of Newport News, Virginia.

Initial suspicions pointed to Doug Stewart as the primary suspect; however, search warrant tabulations revealed troubling evidence in his possession and during an examination of his pickup truck in May 2010 revealed traces of suspected blood and evidence confirming he purchased shovels, gloves, and tarps on the day Venus disappeared from their lives – prompting police to probe further. Furthermore, an impostor had posed as Doug in Newport News, which raised further alarm bells about its extent.

Investigation and Arrest in Venus Stewart Murder Case

Investigation and Arrest in Venus Stewart Murder Case

As investigators dug further into the Venus Stewart case, an alarming revelation surfaced: Ricky Spencer – one of the key witnesses at subsequent trial – confessed to playing a significant role in its commission. Spencer revealed he impersonated Doug while traveling from Virginia to Michigan to enact his murder plan – leaving behind an intriguing trail in Newport News by dressing like him and using his credit card!

On April 26th 2010, just hours after Venus Stewart had been abducted and murdered, Spencer received an urgent phone call from Doug telling him of her death. Disguised as Doug in a hooded sweatshirt with hat and sunglasses, he visited Stewart’s attorney’s office to make payments on his behalf; then used Doug’s credit card at local movie theatres and fast food joints before using Doug’s credit card at various movie theaters and fast-food joints locally. Although Spencer played his part in this malicious plot, he denied having intended to harm Venus; rather, he believed he was protecting Doug’s two daughters, who he perceived were being put at risk in Michigan.

James Weaver, who resided at the same Newport News apartment complex as Doug Stewart and Venus Stewart, provided testimony that Doug displayed strange injuries after Venus had gone missing. Weaver noticed scratches and bruises all over his neck, forearms, and thighs – an unsettling revelation given Doug’s attempts at portraying Venus negatively.

Authorities gathered compelling testimonies and evidence, and eventually arrested Doug Stewart in June 2010. Doug Stewart was later charged with first-degree premeditated murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree premeditated murder related to Venus Stewart’s disappearance and killing.

Trial and Prosecution of Doug Stewart

Trial and Prosecution of Doug Stewart

On February 23, 2011, Doug Stewart’s trial began before a jury consisting of nine women and four men. An unexpected turn of events saw Ricky Spencer emerge as an essential witness and reveal many intricacies of the crime, such as his impersonation of Doug in Virginia and his reluctant involvement in its murder plot. Spencer’s testimony proved pivotal, giving insight into the depth of Doug’s involvement.

As the trial unfolded, one key piece of evidence that helped sway the jury was the tarp wrapper found outside Venus Stewart’s parents’ house on the day she disappeared. A latent fingerprint examiner from Michigan State Police testified that some partial fingerprints found on it matched those belonging to Doug Stewart; its discovery in Newport News, Virginia, provided compelling proof.

On March 11, 2011, after three hours of deliberation, the jury returned with guilty verdicts on both charges: first-degree premeditated murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree premeditated murder. Doug Stewart wore his green inmate uniform during a sentencing hearing, where he maintained his innocence and asked police to continue searching for his wife, emphasizing to them how important it is that their children receive information regarding her fate.

After his conviction, Doug Stewart cast suspicion on Ricky Spencer by writing a letter sent to St. Joseph County Prosecutor John McDonough and local media, as well as to the Kalamazoo Gazette. This letter asserted his innocence while suggesting he knew where Venus Stewart could be found.

Ricky Spencer settled for a plea agreement in June 2011 that involved no contest plea on a felony manslaughter charge related to Venus Stewart’s disappearance and murder, with no more than one year imprisonment at St Joseph County Jail imposed upon him as punishment. This decision caused outrage among her family, who believed this punishment was too light-handed for his involvement.

Where is Doug Stewart Now

Where is Doug Stewart Now?

Doug Stewart remained innocent for years but eventually began discussing the murder speculatively, leading to a breakthrough when in October 2018, he agreed to disclose where Venus Stewart had been buried after confessing her crimes.

Doug made his revelation contingent upon meeting certain demands. These included attending his parents’ funerals upon their deaths and receiving Xbox gaming consoles in exchange. These provisions would then be placed within veterans’ units at Saginaw Correctional Facility in Tittabawassee Township, Michigan.

Petersen alleges that Doug Stewart buried his wife’s remains in a five-foot hole at an undisclosed location, providing evidence of planned murder. When interviewed at the burial site, Doug expressed shock over what he had done, particularly stating: “I knew where she was; I just can’t believe I did it.”

Doug Stewart is currently serving his sentence at Saginaw Correctional Facility in Michigan without the possibility of parole.

Venus Stewart’s murder case remains an eye-opening testament to the complexity of criminal investigations and the pursuit of justice. It vividly illustrates law enforcement agencies’ resolve to provide peace to devastated families while holding perpetrators responsible for their actions.

Venus Stewart’s tragic story and subsequent investigation have left an indelible mark. With her final resting place being discovered after eight long years, it finally offers some closure for those left mourning her absence – although Doug Stewart remains locked away behind bars, while memories of Venus continue to live on through those who knew and loved her before finally resting peacefully beside her father.

Dateline’s episode “Finding Venus” promises to shed additional light on this gripping case, delving deeper into its intricate details and showing viewers just how steadfastly those seeking justice remain in their efforts.

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