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Who is the Mole in Netflix’s ‘The Night Agent’?

The Night Agent Review

Who is the Mole in The Night Agent? – Netflix’s recently released thriller, The Night Agent, is based on Matthew Quirk’s novel of the same name. The plot revolves around a political conspiracy involving high-ranking officials in Washington, D.C. The mystery deepens with Rose’s aunt and uncle being murdered as secret agents while investigating an attack that revealed an even more significant threat to America.

Unfortunately, they were tragically taken before Rose could receive all of their findings. Before their passing, however, they warned her that no one in the White House could be trusted. As Rose and Peter dig deeper into the investigation, it becomes evident they are being pursued by assassins who always seem one step ahead of them; this only further solidifies their suspicions that a mole within the White House is trying to eliminate them.

Who is Mole in The Night Agent?

Peter struggles to accept the possibility of being a traitor at the highest levels of both the White House and FBI. Together, they create a list of potential suspects when it becomes evident that their adversary knows everything they do. At first, Peter considers Hawkins as being responsible due to their rivalry and Hawkins’ ability to call off Rose’s security detail; however, Hawkins is later discovered dead in a field with six bullet wounds – identical to Rose’s aunt’s – suggesting either that Hawkins was either intended or someone wanted to frame him for this investigation.

Peter and Rose continue investigating, becoming increasingly convinced that no one can be trusted. A conversation with Hawkins’ wife reveals that Hawkins was investigating the metro bombing, ultimately leading him to Gordon Wick – who tragically passed away shortly after that. Thus, Peter and Rose uncover links between Wick, an assassin who killed both Campbells and Hawkins alike, and having financially supported Vice President Ashley Redfield’s campaign, leading them to suspect Redfield may also be complicit in this conspiracy.

Peter and Rose now focus on bringing Redfield to justice. Peter shares their evidence with Diane Farr, Chief of Staff to President Obama, who has been helping Peter and Rose all along. However, Peter becomes suspicious when Farr instructs him to bring Rose to the loading dock using a nickname only Rose’s friend Cisco uses; this implies Farr has been tracking them all along.

Peter now understands how Farr had been manipulating him from the beginning. She had encouraged him to become a Night Agent, knowing his father’s past would taint him and Hawkins wouldn’t give him the promotion he deserved. Farr needed someone as a fall guy in case the truth about the metro bombing and assassinations of Night Agents emerged. Peter knows now that Farr had been involved with Redfield and Wick long before he joined the Night Watch and was responsible for Rose’s aunt and uncle’s deaths.

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