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Who Will Return in The Simpsons Season 34 Episode 17?

Who Will Return in The Simpsons Season 34 Episode 17?

In The Simpsons season 34 episode 17, it appears like an unexpected character from Season 1 will be returning! Who Will Return in The Simpsons Season 34? let’s Find Out.

The Simpsons, a long-running animated sitcom, has been experimenting with a variety of things in recent seasons that have never been seen in the franchise before. The show has not only changed the structure of some of its episodes, but it has also been creating fresh tales with some of the characters that have been supporting roles for a while. One surprising character now appears to be making a second appearance. The characters from The Simpsons are used frequently in crowd shots and other supplementary scenes showcasing Springfield’s residents long after their initial appearance, but this comeback is likely to be a surprise for longtime viewers in particular.

Who Will Return in The Simpsons Season 34?

Fans of The Simpsons were teased by Al Jean the creator of the on Twitter “In Sunday’s new episode, avoid napping. Pin Gal with Jacques’s comeback!  Another noteworthy aspect of Jacques’ return to The Simpsons in Season 34 is that it’s going to be the first time he will play a part he has played in previous seasons.

Jacques was Marge’s bowling teacher when she began bowling after Homer recklessly purchases her a bowling ball as a gift in The Simpsons Season 1 Episode 9 “Life on the Fast Lane,” and he ends up making a pass at her. Up until this point, he had only spoken once more in the series. Al Jean said on Twitter that Jacques will be making a comeback in the episode titled “Pin Gal” because Marge needs some assistance bowling. The episode will air on Sunday at 8/7c, March 19th on FOX.

The episode synopsis reveals that “A mysterious figure from Marge’s past returns to coach her for a bowling tournament.”

Who played Jacques on The Simpsons?

Albert Brooks will absolutely return to the part of Jacques, a French bowling instructor. Nine distinct characters played by Albert Brooks have appeared in episodes, and he was notably the villain in The Simpsons Movie. But, Brooks has not previously returned to a character.

What do you anticipate from The Simpsons reintroducing an old character created by Albert Brooks? Post your opinions about it in the comments section.

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