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Where Was Hullraisers Filmed? All Filming Locations


Hullraisers Filming Locations – Hullraisers is a British television sitcom created by Lucy Beaumont, Anne-Marie O’Connor and Caroline Moran. Inspired by the Israeli sitcom Little Mom which Beaumont adapted for the pilot episode after being approached by Fable Television. Following its success, Channel 4 ordered a full series with O’Connor joining Moran in the cast; it will air on IFC Americas on April 5, 2023.

Hullraisers follows the lives of three women, Toni, Paula and Rana, as they balance their personal and professional lives in Hull. Toni is a mother and failed actress; Paula is a single mother and successful businesswoman; Rana, a police officer without children or spouse, is confident sexually. The show creators chose Hull for its setting because the city of UK media rarely features it.

Hullraisers is set to offer viewers an insightful view of modern-day life with a comedic edge. Starring Beaumont, O’Connor and Moran, it promises to be an exciting new take on the genre that audiences will enjoy watching – perhaps putting Hull on the map as an exciting filming location in future productions!

Hullraiser Filming Locations

The British sitcom “Hullraisers” stands out among other TV and movie productions by being shot in two locations: Kingston upon Hull in East Riding of Yorkshire County and Leeds in West Riding. Most TV shows and movies use symbolic locations or studios, making this series’ use of actual locations a refreshing change. Furthermore, most sequences are shot in Hull – which also serves as its setting – adding an authentic feel. Furthermore, much of the production staff hails from Hull, adding another layer of authenticity.

The show features several local establishments like The Silver Cod on Anlaby Road, Larkin’s Bar and French restaurant Le Crepier Papin that are frequently visited by the female leads during wild nights out. Some exterior scenes are shot along Goddard Avenue between 55 and 57 to add to the realism of the series.

Though most of the show is shot in Hull, some exterior and interior scenes were also shot in Leeds, West Yorkshire County. The production team shot on Otley Road in Headingley and at My Style Therapy clothing store to add authenticity to their scenes.

“Hullraisers” features characters that are authentic to Hull and showcase its unique attributes. Co-author Lucy Beaumont is thrilled to share these characters with the world, hoping to shed some light on a city that has been underrepresented in UK media for too long. The sitcom premiered on Channel 4 on April 12, 2023, promising an upbeat take on modern life that addresses some of people’s biggest struggles.

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