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Where is Boris Becker’s Manager Ion Țiriac Now?


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As for Becker’s tennis career, Ion Tiriac managed it from the beginning and provided him with invaluable guidance throughout his prime years. Not only did Tiriac manage Becker’s career, but he acted as a mentor and father figure, providing protection and direction at a time when fame, popularity, and wealth could have easily turned him away from what his dreams truly were. Their close bond is well-known within the tennis community today.

Who is Ion Tiriac

Who is Ion Țiriac?

Ion Tiriac is a Romanian former professional tennis player and current businessman/sports manager best known as the manager of tennis great Boris Becker in the 1980s and early 1990s.

On May 9, 1939, in Brasov, Romania, Tiriac began playing tennis early and eventually became professional in 1960. Throughout his doubles career, he amassed 22 titles – including the French Open of 1970 with partner Ilie Nastase – and reached the quarterfinals of the US Open singles tournament twice in 1970.

After retiring from tennis in 1979, Tiriac became a successful businessman with interests in automotive, banking, and real estate. He is considered one of Romania’s wealthiest individuals, with an estimated net worth of over $1 billion.

In the 1980s, Tiriac became the manager of rising tennis star Boris Becker. Under his tutelage, Becker would go on to win six Grand Slam titles. Tiriac and Becker shared a close bond as mentor and father figure; however, their association ended in 1993 amid rumors of discord between them.

Tiriac, in addition to managing Becker, has also organized tennis tournaments such as the Madrid Open, which he founded in 2002. Additionally, he served as president of both the Romanian Tennis Federation and the International Olympic Committee from 1990 until 2017.

Overall, Ion Tiriac has made a lasting impact on the world of tennis – both as an accomplished player and an influential manager/organizer. His accomplishments across multiple industries and his profound knowledge of the sport have cemented him as an influential force within its community.

What Is Ion Tiriac Doing After Tennis

What Is Ion Țiriac Doing After Tennis?

After retiring from professional tennis, Ion Tiriac became a successful businessman in West Germany. He even appeared in a 1987 TV commercial for Miller Lite beer with Bob Uecker; however, this misrepresented Tiriac’s true personality since he was always outgoing and popular – especially during his tenure as player/coach of the Boston Lobsters during the 1970s. While in Germany, he met Dan Petrescu, another Romanian businessman; they embarked on several ventures together.

After communism collapsed in Romania, Tiriac returned home and started founding multiple businesses and making investments. In 1990, he established Ion Tiriac Bank – becoming the first private bank to open its doors after communism fell. His other ventures included retail stores, insurance services, auto leasing businesses, auto dealerships, and airlines – his net worth was estimated to be over $900 million by 2005.

Tiriac is an avid car and motorcycle collector, which he showcases in the Tiriac Collection. This collection boasts over 350 vehicles from 1899 to modern exotics; you can view exhibits that were once owned by notable figures like Sir Elton John, Sammy Davis Jr., and Bernie Ecclestone. Reopened to the public again in May 2015, the Tiriac Collection features over 350 vehicles, from historical models to modern exotics.

In 2006, Tiriac was ranked #77 on Forbes’ List of 100 Greatest Romanians and became the first Romanian featured on Forbes’ List of Billionaires in 2007, with a net worth estimated to be $1.0 billion. As of 2018, his net worth has been estimated by Forbes at $1.2 billion.

Tiriac was previously married to handball player Erika Braedt from 1963 until 1965, and they have three children: Ion Tiriac Jr. with fashion model Mikette von Issenberg and Karim Mihai and Ioana Natalia with Egyptian journalist Sophie Ayad.

Finally, Tirac dubbed Kron for the Romanian version of the animated film Dinosaur, as reported by TV Acute.

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