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Tori Vienneau Murder: Where is Killer Dennis Potts Now?


Tori Vienneau Murder – Tori Vienneau and her son’s tragic murder are the subjects of two documentaries, “Crime with Tamron Hall: Innocence Lost” and “Dateline: Complicated,” airing on Investigation Discovery and NBC.

Tori Vienneau, 22, and her son Dean were found strangled inside their Southcrest apartment in July 2006. Thankfully, the killer left no evidence behind, and police were able to capture them just a few months after the horrifying double murder. The identity and current whereabouts of Tori’s killer are known, along with all details surrounding her tragic death.

Dayna Herroz, Tori’s mother, must endure this nightmare for the rest of her life as she grieves over losing both daughters to such a senseless act. Documentaries shed light on this tragic event while raising awareness about the necessity for safety in our communities.

How Did Tori Vienneau Die

What Happened to Tori Vienneau?

Tori Vienneau was born in San Diego, California and raised by her mother until she married Rogelio Herroz. In 2004, Tori began living with her boyfriend, Neil Springstube; however, their relationship soured when Tori became pregnant with another man’s child. Neil provided a DNA sample for paternity testing, which returned negative, forcing him to end their engagement and move to Florida. As a single mother, Tori had more difficulties managing independently, temporarily moving in with friends Autumn and Tricia Castellones and two children for support during these trying times.

On July 26, 2006, tragedy struck when Tori and her 10-month-old son Dean were discovered murdered in their Southcrest apartment. Police were able to apprehend the killer a few months after the double murder, and their identity has since been established. Documentaries such as “Crime with Tamron Hall: Innocence Lost” and “Dateline: Complicated” were made about this case, highlighting its tragic events and impact on Tori’s mother, Dayna Herroz.

Investigation into Tori’s death proved complex due to no signs of forced entry or tampering, and her killer appeared to be someone she knew. Evidence showed she was knocked unconscious before being strangled without sexual assault occurring. Yet, police discovered through interviews with Tori’s loved ones that she had been involved with Dennis Mickjal Potts, a classmate who was initially suspected as Dean’s biological father until paternity tests proved otherwise.

Throughout the investigation, Dennis provided false information and falsified paternity test results. Law enforcement discovered evidence linking him to the murders, such as online searches for “getting out of child support,” “performing a chokehold,” and “getting away with murder.” After an extensive investigation, Dennis was arrested and charged with two counts of murder and conspiracy to obstruct justice. The prosecution claimed he killed Tori and her son to avoid paying child support or accepting responsibility for his actions. Dennis received a life sentence, while Maxwell Corn – who provided his DNA instead of Dennis’ after being questioned – received a three-year prison term for his part in the plot to obstruct justice.

In conclusion, the tragic deaths of Tori Vienneau and her son Dean rocked the Southcrest community and devastated Tori’s family. Despite attempts by the killer to cover up his tracks, police eventually captured him and brought him to justice. Documentaries about this case shed light on the significance of safety within our communities and the devastating effect violent crimes have on families and loved ones.

Where is Killer Dennis Potts Now

Where is Killer Dennis Potts Today?

In July 2006, Tori Vienneau and her 10-month-old son were tragically found dead in their Southcrest, California apartment. Dennis Mickjal Potts was investigated on July 27 by police, who learned of his past interactions with Tori from friends and family. He admitted being friends and lovers in the past but denied having any recent sexual contact with her. He claimed he last saw her on July 20 and planned to meet again after returning from Las Vegas.

Dennis denied having dinner with Tori the night of her murder, though he acknowledged she’d cancelled plans at the last minute. He claimed to have been with his friend Maxwell Corn from 5 to 8, not Tori that evening. Police were suspicious because Dennis never inquired about Tori’s well-being during interrogation. His DNA was taken on July 28, and a search warrant was executed at his home on September 13th, where they discovered incriminating evidence on his computer.

DNA tests proved that Dennis was indeed the biological father of Dean, despite his previous denials. Phone records revealed he had called Tori multiple times on the night of her murder, and her phone was within range of her apartment. Maxwell later confessed to helping Dennis alter the paternity test results in his favour.

Dennis was charged with two counts of murder and one count of conspiracy to obstruct justice. In September 2009, a jury found him guilty and sentenced him to consecutive life sentences without the possibility of release and three years in prison for obstruction of justice. Dennis is currently serving his sentence at California State Prison in Corcoran.

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