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Where is Tori Vienneau’s Mother Dayna Herroz Now?


Tori Vienneau’s Mom Dayna Herroz – Dayna Herroz is a mother who has been through a lot of pain and heartbreak after losing her daughter, Tori Vienneau, and her grandson, Dean, in a gruesome murder that happened in San Diego County, California, in 2006. She has been the focus of two documentaries, Investigation Discovery’sCrime with Tamron Hall: Innocence Lost” and “NBC’s Dateline: Complicated,” which chronicle her journey to uncover the truth about the murders and seek justice for her loved ones.

Tori’s ex-boyfriend killed Dayna’s daughter and grandson, Dennis Mickjal Potts, who wanted to evade paying child support. Her relentless efforts to bring her daughter’s killer to justice and ensure that he was held accountable for his actions are the central themes of the documentaries. The documentaries offer a glimpse into the grief and pain that Dayna and her family have endured over the years as they have coped with the loss of their loved ones.

The documentaries also provide insight into the complex relationships and emotional struggles that can occur in families and how these challenges can impact the lives of everyone involved. Despite the tragedy that she has experienced, Dayna has emerged as a strong and compassionate voice for victims of violence, dedicating her life to helping other abuse survivors and advocating for their rights. Her commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others is a testament to her strength and resilience in the face of overwhelming adversity.

where is Tori Vienneau's mom Dayna Herroz now

What Happened to Dayna Herroz After the Murder?

Tori Vienneau was born to Dayna Herroz in San Diego, California, in 1994. Her father ceased contact with the family, and Dayna raised Tori alone until she married Rogelio “Roy” Herroz. Tori had a tough childhood, but her stepfather treated her as his own. She was academically accomplished, receiving awards such as “Student of the Month” and “Student of the Year” while attending Bonita Vista High School. Tori played a vital role in Dayna’s sobriety, as Dayna struggled with alcoholism in the past, and their relationship was strained. Tori’s request for Dayna to get sober if she wanted to remain in her life helped motivate Dayna to seek help and make changes.

Tori was in a tumultuous relationship with her long-time boyfriend, Neil Springstube, and they moved in together in 2004. During a two-week break, she slept with her classmate, Dennis Mickjal Potts, and gave birth to their son, Dean Springstube, in the fall of 2005. In July 2006, Tori and Dean were discovered dead in their Southcrest, California apartment, with Dennis Mickjal Potts later being found responsible for their murder.

Dayna’s life changed forever when her daughter and grandson were found murdered in 2006. She fought tirelessly to find justice for Tori and Dean and campaigned vigorously for the conviction of Dennis Mickjal Potts, who was responsible for the murders. Dayna was steadfast in her conviction that Dennis was responsible, and she wore buttons depicting the victims’ happy smiles throughout the trial.

Despite the overwhelming loss of her daughter and grandson, Dayna was determined to help others who had been affected by violence. She became an activist for victims of violence and helped families dealing with the aftermath of murder through various initiatives. Dayna was honoured for her efforts by the San Diego County District Attorney at the 28th annual Citizens of Courage ceremony.

Dayna fondly remembered the week she spent with Tori and Dean before their deaths, calling it the perfect weekend of her life. She proudly displayed photographs of her grandson, who loved being in the water and wanted to learn football from his grandfather. Even though Dayna and her husband had to give up their careers and home after the murders, she remained focused on commemorating Tori and Dean’s lives by helping others. She hoped that her activism would help make it easier for other families dealing with similar tragedies.

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