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ID’s Homicide Hunter 8×06 “Lt Joe Kenda: The Cage” – Ingrid Davis Murder


Ingrid Davis Murder – Homicide Hunter” was a true crime television series that aired on Investigation Discovery from 2011 to 2019. Starring retired police detective Lieutenant Joe Kenda, who spent 23 years with the Colorado Springs Police Department and solved over 400 homicide cases during his tenure, the show followed a real-life detective as they tried to solve crimes together.

Kenda’s show followed him as he recounted his investigations into real-life murder cases, offering his insights and perspectives on both criminals and crimes. Kenda would describe every detail of a case, including evidence collected and tactics employed to capture the killer.

In Homicide Hunter Season 8 Episode 6, “Lt Joe Kenda: The Cage,” investigators examine the bizarre events leading up to Ingrid Davis’ murder in Colorado Springs, Colorado, back in June 1982. A key aspect of their investigation was the absence of the murder weapon, which initially hindered progress; however, this crucial piece of evidence would ultimately play an essential role in resolving the case.

Who was Ingrid Davis and How Did She Pass Away?

Prince Lee and his older brother Preston III became concerned after not hearing from their father, Preston Lee Jr., for several days. To visit his residence in western Owen Circle, Colorado Springs, where he’d lived alone since divorcing Shin Su, the family visited his residence. As a retired airforce official – having served for many years before retiring as First Sergeant E-7 – and currently employed by the postal service, Preston Lee Jr. visited his former workplace with great sadness.

Later it was determined that Ingrid Davis, a part-time employee at a local fitness club, was Preston Lee Jr.’s girlfriend. Although she did not live at the residence, she was known to visit often. When Preston III attempted ringing the bell and knocking on the door without response, he entered through the back door only to discover both bodies: his father and Ingrid.

Police arrived at the scene to find Ingrid shot in the face and Preston Lee Jr. lying on a bed with a head wound. To everyone’s shock, Preston Lee Jr. was still alive; EMTs transported him to a nearby hospital for treatment. An autopsy later revealed that Ingrid had died from a single gunshot wound of .38 caliber.

Who Killed Ingrid Davis and Why?

On initial investigation of the crime scene, investigators initially suspected it might have been a murder-suicide due to their romantic involvement. However, the absence of any murder weapon raised doubts about this theory. Signs of a struggle, such as a phone receiver lying around and items knocked over on the nightstand, hinted at an extended stay for Ingrid and Preston; additionally, three newspapers by their doorstep suggested they may have lain there for at least three days. Furthermore, three love birds belonging to the couple were discovered dead inside their cage in the kitchen – suggesting they had been there for at least three days.

Preston survived the attack, though he was in critical condition and could not be interviewed by police. Officers discovered Ingrid was married to Daryl Davis and had children while also involved with Preston. It was possible that Daryl, a jealous husband, was responsible for Ingrid and Preston’s deaths. After visiting Daryl, they learned they lived apart but continued their respective lives while Ingrid had the freedom to date whomever she pleased.

Police discovered Ingrid had left her house wearing specific clothing: a white dress, denim jacket, and red heels – which police later discovered her body wearing. Daryl was initially suspected but later disproved as being involved. Preston III, Ingrid’s eldest son, was then questioned due to allegations from a neighbor who believed him to have been acting suspiciously. Fortunately for Preston III, he had an alibi as he attended classes at Pikes Peak Community College on June 3.

Officers interviewed Ruth French, a bartender at the Air Force NCO Club and friend of Preston’s, who revealed that she had introduced Ingrid to Preston. According to Ruth, Preston became infatuated with Ingrid and even fired a gun during an argument at her house. Police verified Ruth’s statements after finding bullet holes behind picture frames inside Ingrid’s home. Although the murder-suicide theory still remained viable, the lack of a murder weapon remained an issue; however, during the autopsy examination, a.38 caliber gun was discovered next to Ingrid’s body which had gone undetected when initially wrapped up.

Where is Preston Lee Jr. Now?

After discovering the murder weapon, police pieced together the truth behind Ingrid’s death: Preston Lee Jr. had shot her during a heated argument before turning the gun on himself. Miraculously, he survived his near-fatal injury but remained unconscious for three days before being discovered by his sons and ex-wife. However, despite being an essential witness in the case, Preston refused to cooperate with authorities and invoked his right to silence.

Preston was charged with second-degree murder but ultimately pled guilty to manslaughter. A judge sentenced him to four years in prison, considering his severe brain injury, which caused long-lasting physical ailments such as epilepsy and motor skill problems. To this end, Preston needed long-term physical care at great expense – meaning any longer sentence would amount to sending him away to a hospital. It became evident that any longer prison term would effectively mean sending him to an institution.

Unfortunately, no public records of Preston are available in the public domain; thus, it remains uncertain what happened to him after serving his sentence. Given his severe injuries and age of 80+ years old now, it seems unlikely that he would have fully recovered and returned to a normal lifestyle.

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