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What is the True Story Behind the ‘Barracuda Queens’ Series?

What is the True Story Behind the 'Barracuda Queens' Series

True Story Behind the ‘Barracuda Queens’ – Barracuda Queens” is an exciting Swedish crime drama series created by Camilla Ahlgren. The captivating show is set in Stockholm in 1995 and follows four young and privileged women from Djursholm who commit burglaries, targeting wealthy neighbours. These daring ladies become known as the “Barracuda Queens” and frequent Barracuda Beach. The main characters are Lollo (played by Alva Bratt), Klara (Tindra Monsen), Frida (Sandra Strandberg Zubovic), and Mia (Tea Stjarne).

Unexpectedly, the four friends incur substantial debt due to their extravagant adventures. They devise a plan to rob Amina to quickly and legally pay off their bills (Sarah Gustafsson). Although this heist fails miserably, Amina does not contact law enforcement after learning what has transpired. Instead, she expresses interest in joining their group, adding an intriguing dynamic to the storyline.

“Barracuda Queens” portrays the main characters as ordinary academics and loving daughters by day, but they inexplicably transform into dangerous and violent criminals by night. This embodies the girl power stereotype popularized during the 90s. Additionally, the series explores thought-provoking topics such as freedom, exploitation, and vengeance, allowing viewers to contemplate these issues further.

Now you may be curious to know whether the events depicted in ‘Barracuda Queens’ are inspired by true stories or created from fiction based on real incidents. While I don’t have exact details regarding this topic, crime dramas often draw inspiration from real incidents or create fictional narratives that reflect social issues. The creators and writers of ‘Barracuda Queens’ have done a beautiful job captivating audiences through an original plot with its mix of criminal activities, complicated characters, and topical themes explored within its pages.

Is Barracuda Queens Based on a True Story

True Story Behind the “Barracuda Queens” Series

Barracuda Queens draws loose inspiration from real events involving Lidingoligan, an underground gang predominantly comprised of young males from affluent backgrounds. While the show features female characters instead, the historical context was largely preserved during the adaptation process. The creators and writers of the series include Camilla Ahlgren, Veronica Zacco, Tove Forsman, and Sofie Forsman. Fatima Varhos of Asp Varhos claims that the idea for the series was entirely original, and Netflix expressed interest in producing a heist-themed series like this.

The Lidingoligan operated during the late 1990s in Stockholm’s affluent neighbourhoods, such as Lidingo, Djursholm, Ostermalm, and Danderyd. They targeted valuable items like wines, artefacts, antiques, and prints by famous artists such as Anders Zorn, Marc Chagall, and Pablo Picasso. This earned them their name, derived from the fact that many members hailed from Lidingo island itself.

Arrests of Lidingoligan members were reported as early as 2000, leading to their leader eventually being charged with major burglary and sentenced to four and a half years of incarceration. Some stolen items were later discovered near Tidaholm, where the gang members’ relatives resided. Empty champagne or wine bottles were used as calling cards, just as seen in the series ‘Barracuda Queens’.

In 2012, Aftonbladet, a Swedish newspaper, reported that the Lidingoligan had been active for almost two decades. Over time, some members had achieved success in economic and property ventures. One notable member was Jan Guillou, who wrote: “Tjuvarnas marknad” (Market of Thieves), a book dedicated specifically to this gang. Jan Guillou received a copy of the book as an acknowledgement gesture from the gang’s leader after an attempted burglary where his Hamilton medals and wine collection were stolen.

The activities of the Lidingoligan were not limited to burglaries alone. Some members faced legal consequences for embezzlement and suspected involvement in narcotics smuggling activities. Notable incidents include break-ins at the homes of Henning Sjostrom and former SAS chief Jan Carlzon. Additionally, one individual connected to the Lidingoligan was arrested in 2014 on embezzlement charges after an unrecovered stolen car was discovered hidden in a barn by the police in Tidaholm. The same individual, or someone similar, was arrested again in 2016 on suspicion of participating in an attempted narcotics smuggling operation.

It is important to note that while ‘Barracuda Queens’ draws inspiration from real events and the activities of the Lidingoligan, the series remains fictional. The creators and writers have crafted an original storyline within the backdrop of these events, providing a unique and captivating viewing experience.

In conclusion, ‘Barracuda Queens’ is an engaging crime drama series set in 1995 Stockholm, following the adventures of four young women who become known as the “Barracuda Queens.” While loosely inspired by the real events involving the Lidingoligan, the series takes creative liberties and remains a work of fiction. The show explores themes of crime, girl power, and thought-provoking topics, offering viewers an entertaining and intriguing narrative.

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