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ID’s ‘Murder by Numbers’ 2×01 “Monster Among Us” – Where is Jeffery Lee Guillory Now?

Where is Jeffery Lee Guillory Now? – The Investigation Discovery documentary “Murder by Numbers” Season 2 Episode 01, “Monster Among Us showcases the successful apprehension of Jeffery Lee Guillory, an infamous serial killer responsible for at least three women’s deaths in Baton Rouge since September 1999, by the Baton Rouge Police Department. However, it took nearly ten years to discover Guillory’s first victim’s body until the police finally apprehended him. Let’s explore who his victims were and his current whereabouts.

Victims of Jeffery Lee Guillory

On September 3, 1999, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, an alarming incident occurred when a 911 caller reported finding the body of Florida Douglas at the former Dynasty Lounge located at 11th and North Boulevard. Responders who arrived at the scene found an abandoned building filled with years of neglect and debris, attracting individuals who engaged in drinking, drug use, or both.

Upon entering the deserted facility, the police discovered the body of a female victim lying in a strange position on top of a box. It was evident that her killer had intentionally placed her there. Stiff limbs indicated she had died for at least 18-20 hours. Her partially naked state was consistent with signs of rape and murder, with scratches on her neck and bruises across her body providing further evidence of the brutality inflicted upon her by the attacker.

Detectives noticed fingernail marks in the groove of her neck, suggesting a struggle. Her posture, with her head tilted back, suggested strangulation, while marks and indications of blunt force trauma pointed towards her being forced against something solid, possibly walls when being forcefully pushed against. Blood found on both the front and back of her head indicated manual strangulation as the cause of her death.

Authorities could positively identify Florida Douglas Edwards through fingerprint and dental records. Elizabeth Glasper recalled her as being reserved, quiet, sweet, and intelligent. On July 25th, 2001, while investigating another homicide incident on North Acadian Thruway at 12:30 pm, emergency personnel found another decaying body sitting semi-seated, awaiting identification through fingerprint analysis and dental records.

Even in their advanced state of decomposition, the similarities between the crime scenes involving Florida and this latest incident were clear. Both bodies were discovered in abandoned structures with signs of violent attacks present. One victim showed bruises on her neck and chest and evidence of blunt force trauma. However, due to the advanced stage of decomposition, it was impossible to determine the exact cause of death. Authorities identified her fingerprints and discovered that she had been reported missing earlier that same day by family members living with her (37-year-old Sylvia Cobb lived with her mother, Luella).

On April 10, 2002, eight months and nineteen days after Sylvia was murdered, Baton Rouge authorities discovered Renee J. Newman dead in the flower bed of an abandoned department store in Baton Rouge. She had been tragically strangled, as evidenced by a small tree wedged between her legs. Detectives believed her white T-shirt might have been pulled up tightly over her neck, serving as the murder weapon.

Where is Jeffery Lee Guillory Today?

Once Florida was found dead, the police immediately began their investigations and interviewed those living nearby. One particular lead involved an odd-looking black man seen using a pay phone nearby with his hands covered with plastic bags while using Florida’s maiden name, although no fingerprints could be found on the receiver. They used Florida’s name for their caller IDs. Furthermore, the forensic team extracted male criminal DNA from under her fingernails, making their investigation even more crucial.

Investigators interviewed Florida’s friends and relatives to gather more information about her abusive boyfriend, Jimmy Bowers. When arrested, Bowers provided a buccal swab for comparing DNA found under Florida’s fingernails. Meanwhile, Donald Andrews was accused of sexual harassment and rape by another woman. Due to his extensive criminal history, authorities obtained a DNA sample from Donald for further examination. They then discovered Sylvia and Renee dead, with DNA samples matching those found under Florida’s fingernails, further strengthening the potential involvement for further investigation.

However, DNA tests ultimately cleared both Donald and Jimmy as potential suspects. A significant breakthrough occurred in late 2009 when a woman from LaFayette reported an incident that matched perfectly with what had occurred previously. Assailant Jeffery Lee Guillory was later identified as a 45-year-old from Baton Rouge who brutally assaulted Johnnie Martinez. However, she was deceived when she pretended to be dead and proceeded to withdraw money using her stolen debit card at the First National Bank of Baton Rouge. Surveillance footage from the bank identified the suspect as Jeffery Lee Guillory from Lake Charles, who had relocated to Baton Rouge at the age of 12. Upon further inspection, it was discovered that he had an extensive criminal background, including convictions for burglary, first-degree robbery, narcotics possession, and forgery.

Following Johnnie’s identification of Jeffery Lee Guillory in a lineup, the police arrested and charged him with attempted first-degree murder. On March 15, 2010, he was found guilty of attempted second-degree murder and received a 50-year prison sentence. As his DNA matched Renee Newman’s body sample, Jeffery also became an important suspect in all three deaths in Baton Rouge. Additionally, his fingerprints were discovered near Sylvia’s remains and near Sylvia’s corpse. Finally, in September 2011, his trial concluded when he was found guilty of murdering Renee Newman, receiving a life sentence. Jeffery Lee Guillory is currently serving his time at the David Wade Correctional Center.

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