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ID’s ‘Calls From the Inside’ 2×11 – Mujey Dumbuya Murder


Mujey Dumbuya Murder – The television series “Calls From the Inside” presents captivating murder investigations based on recorded conversations between inmates and their acquaintances outside prison. Investigation Discovery’s “Calls From the Inside” Season 2 episode 11, entitled “Secrets Are Never Innocent“, recounts a grisly crime that occurred in Kalamazoo, Michigan, in January 2018. The murder of 16-year-old Mujey Dumbuya sparked an extensive police investigation that eventually led to the capture of a repeat offender. The show emphasizes the important role of traditional police work, forensic science, and incriminating phone calls made by perpetrators from prison in solving this case.

How Did Mujey Dumbuya Die

Who was Mujey Dumbuya and How Did She Pass Away?

Mujey Dumbuya, 16, of Michigan, went missing while on her way to school in January 2018. Despite efforts to locate her, four days later, her body was discovered partially naked and over 50 miles away from home – turning the case into a murder investigation that would take months to unravel.

Mujey’s life had been filled with struggle and hardship. Born in Sierra Leone, her family had fled their homeland to escape the devastating civil war that claimed countless lives. Yet even there, they found no respite from violence or chaos. Mujey spent her early years as a refugee camp resident, subsisting on handouts from the United Nations. However, at three years old her family was resettled in Michigan – giving them hope for a brighter future.

Mujey had a close bond with her family, particularly her mother and aunts. By the summer of 2017, Mujey had moved in with Aunt Sannoh in Kalamazoo and began attending East Kentwood High School as a sophomore. Despite all odds she faced, Mujey remained bright and determined – with ambitions to become a police officer and combat social injustice. Additionally, Mujey loved music, dance, and martial arts – making her popular among those who knew her well.

On January 24, 2018, Mujey left for school as usual but never returned home. Her family reported her missing to the police, though initially, it was believed she had run away. Four days later, her body was discovered in a wooded area with clothes and shoes covered in bleach; an investigation revealed she had been strangled to death. Through traditional detective work, forensic science, and incriminating phone calls made from prison, Mujey Dumbuya’s case serves as a sobering reminder of both the perils that face our world and also a testament to the human spirit when faced with hardship.

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Who Killed Mujey Dumbuya

Who Killed Mujey Dumbuya and What was the Reason Behind?

As police pursued the murder of Mujey Dumbuya, recordings of phone calls between Quinn James and his girlfriend, Tiara Burnett, were obtained. In these conversations, Quinn discussed the crime and instructed Burnett to give false testimony in court so he could avoid conviction. Furthermore, DNA evidence linking Quinn to the scene was discovered, including DNA on a used condom found near Mujey Dumbuya’s body.

On September 8, 2018, Quinn James’ trial began, and the prosecution presented a mountain of evidence against him: including forensic evidence, cell phone records and testimonies from Mujey’s family and friends. Despite Quinn’s attempts to interfere with the proceedings, he was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

Mujey’s family was left distraught by her death, yet they have channelled their sorrow into activism. To provide education and comfort to survivors of sexual violence and their families, the Mujey Dumbuya Memorial Foundation was formed; its purpose is to raise awareness about this issue within the community and push for changes in the legal system that better protect victims.

Fatmata Corneh, Mujey Dumbuya’s mother, has become a powerful advocate in the fight against sexual violence, speaking at events and sharing her daughter’s story to provide comfort to others who have endured similar trauma. She also advocated for changes to the law, so it’s easier for victims to come forward and hold their abusers accountable.

Mujey’s tragic passing left a legacy that lives on through her foundation and her family’s activism. They have channelled their grief into an inspiring force for good, determined to honour Mujey’s memory by making the world safer for all women and girls.

Where is Quinn James Now

Where is Quinn James Today?

Mujey Dumbuya, 16, a high school student from Grand Rapids, Michigan, was brutally raped and murdered in 2017. The perpetrator was identified as Quinn James – the ex-boyfriend of one of Mujey’s classmates who worked as a groundskeeper at the school. According to court documents, James began abusing Mujey throughout the summer of 2017 while her boyfriend DaQuarius Bibbs, was present. Mujey eventually reported these assaults to her mother in November of that year, and the school also received notification.

Quinn James was arrested and accused of the murder of Mujey Dumbuya. As she lay dying in a wooded area while awaiting trial, James became the prime suspect in her murder. Initially arrested on unrelated charges, he was eventually charged with both murder and kidnapping in connection with Mujey’s passing. Gerald Bennett, who allegedly assisted James in disposing of Mujey’s body, was also taken into custody and charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

In 2018, Quinn James was found guilty of raping Mujey Dumbuya and sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in prison. He was later found guilty of first-degree murder and received an automatic life sentence without parole. Bennett was also convicted and given 25-40 years behind bars. This tragic case served as a stark reminder of the dangers associated with sexual violence, underscoring the need to hold perpetrators accountable for their crimes. Quinn James is incarcerated at the Lakeland Correctional Center in Coldwater, Michigan.

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